Tuesday, March 11, 2008


while scouring the internet for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT at work today, i stumbled across this article in the art & design section.

my favorite part came at the end:

But what he has since discovered, he added, “is that art can unite people.” He sounded as though he meant it.

alexander melamid and i seem to have something in common, our love for religious art work and hip hop. hahaha


Tim Ferris said...

Is this the way to ensure you get a promotion, mentioning on-line about six hours of idle time? I'd recommend you revise your initial post and then delete my comment.

Gloria Ferris said...

Listen to your father. On the other hand, what a wonderful thing you found.



Maureen said...

tee hee. that is the same thing I said to you the other day isn't it? I am thinking you must've had some down time. but bring a book & just read if there's nothing else to do!

katherine said...

internet use is allowed when there is no work to be done.

i tried reading a book today but started falling asleep i was so bored.

Tim Ferris said...

Good--I'm glad you're not an outlaw at work.

Good luck tomorrow.