Saturday, April 26, 2008

save you from your own ways

tuesday night we went to the sand gnats game.
there were hardly 50 people there, but we still had a blast.
brandy is the only one of us who has a group shot picture on her camera so i can't post it yet. we posed with "SAMMY!!! the sand gnat."

here are some pictures of rambo with his awesome preppy collar:

the toy claimed it was "3x stronger" than most toys!
....rambo killed it in two days. got it dirty within an hour.


hehe crazy puppy

i need a tan and 10lbs less for summer.
oh, and a lot more clothes. i'm not content with picking clothes from my closet anymore.
i have those "i need a change" feelings as of late. maybe dying my hair will help subside them.

or i could do some of the things i found on LEARNING TO LOVE YOU MORE.COM

Friday, April 18, 2008

i've got the remedy

picture post time!

i don't think i ever showed the pictures of my mirror/curtain/purple wall combo. oh and of course, julius is MY FRIEND.
story behind the one ring not on the rod, well...we broke one of the stoppers, shoved something between the wall and rod before we realized OOPS!!! katie forgot the last one. we haven't wanted to mess with it since in case we couldn't get it back up again. hahaha

brandi and me at steamers.
too bad the list of "shooters" behind us wasn't fully captured..there were some interesting names on there.

i came home that afternoon to find travis missing his mustache.
the reason? still unknown but zach (the georgia boy in the picture) now refers to it as his baby lip.
i think they both win an award for the squintiest of eyes at the table!!! haha

i'm so glad we have friends like them in our life now.

here is a picture of the park downtown where everyone takes their dogs for a walk and girls run while talking on their cellphones.

isn't it beautiful? in the gate is "THE SCENTED GARDEN" we laughed at the name while approaching it, but then all of a sudden we could smell all of the flowers.

so i guess that's it!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

wild thang, i think i love you

a picture of travis and i after the wedding that never was (according to us.)

check out this sweeeeeet ride!!!

i don't really have much to blog about..just two pictures to show off. plus it's been a while since i last posted something.