Thursday, May 29, 2008

vonage customer service

i forgot my username or so i thought, but i really forgot which password i i called the help line to ask what it is.

phone lady: ok, i updated your info and a new password will be sent to your e-mail k-t-nose......bleed??? hahahaha @
me: ok thanks.
phone lady: hahahaha i guess you must go to a lot of nosebleed concerts. hahaha
me: yepp.
phone lady: oh you made my day. thanks. bye.

maybe i should switch my e-mail to a more grown up one, but those always just get filled with spam anyway.

oh p.s.
i am halfway to 23 today.
which brought up "HEY LIFE WHAT TO DO WITH YOU?"

Friday, May 23, 2008


i haven't done one of these in forever.
subject: worry

i think i pretty much look like that when i worry..a bad, sketchy character.

Monday, May 12, 2008


sitting in the car with rambo.
waiting for travis and his last minute "oops! i forgot" before leaving for orlando.

travis and i before we got baked in the sun and sweaty.
the heat was BRUTAL.

cethkyn rockin out

travis and nina after their performance
nina had a LOVELY accent and was so much fun to talk to while the boys did their thing.
hopefully the two of them will be visiting savannah sometime soon!
i sure hope so.

probably the worst tattoo i have ever seen: an ode to dale earndhart surrounded by tribal on the lower back of a middle aged man

the best part about huge concerts is always the huge variety of people to watch.
i probably could have done without seeing a majority of the kid rock fans though.
some images were just burned into my brain that i'd rather not remember.

karri was probably one of the worst drivers i have ever met (but nonetheless still a fun girl.)
eeek! this is nina and i on the way back from the show trying not to pay attention to the roads for fear of screaming.

i wasn't kidding.
my feet were filthy! by the end of the day.
everyone kept calling me "dirty, dirty girl."
oh, and there is my mangled looking toe.
it's feeling fine today.

travis' friends and their friends were all pretty cool people to hang out with. oh, definitely hilarious AND crazy. i'm hoping we get to visit again sometime this summer.

what a great kick off to the summer!!!

here are some more pictures.
if you can't tell, i stopped taking them soon into the afternoon. but it's PROGRESS!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

stir it up

so. the colors are a little squewed but i really am TAN!!!
(rambo just got done giving me a cute puppy kiss to the face while i was trying to take a picture of myself)

yesterday we went to tybee beach with zack and brandi.
it was a beautiful day!!! the sun was out and shining bright too.
maybe a little TOO bright considering i spent most of last night calling travis "tomatohead." soon after i realized i had gotten burnt in places that aren't the most comfortable for sitting down.
i brought my camera for the festivities prepared to snap MANY shots, but guess what? i forgot my image card. if it's not one thing, it's another with me and why i can't seem to take pictures of fun times. (i also lost the cord to upload the pictures i did get to take directly from the camera)
pesky katie story: travis was making fun of me by being freaked out by low flying i got my revenge. i threw a cheeto next to somewhat-snoozing travis and not even 3 seconds (not even enough to prepare myself for a bird sighting) later a bird is trying to scoop it up. travis bats it away and i scream and get out of my chair cause it starts coming towards ME. travis leans over and eats the cheeto laughing. i guess my peskyness backfired on me.