Saturday, September 22, 2007

oh such excitement!

callie and i at the tomato head race.

callie is thoroughly unimpressed with me or so it seems from her deep sighs. i pet her, i take her for walks, i even remember to give her the last bite of food before i finish whatever i'm eating, and still! it seems like to her i am thee most boring person on the planet. ha! i probably am since all i have been doing with my time alone is reading whatever i can.

it's gotten old quick.
believe me, i can't wait for mo and geri to come home and show me their neat pictures from bermuda. and plus, you know that whole "human interaction" thing.

i also can't wait to get my car fixed and head back down to savannah. i never thought i would consider that place my home, but i guess it grew on me without me even knowing it.

books i would not recommend reading:
01) swapping lives -- just something to pass the time
02) nineteen minutes -- you know the ending within 19 minutes of reading, but for some reason still plow through the 300 or more pages left
03) the last summer of you and me -- maybe i just am really! good at figuring out endings, but! you pretty much know what's going to happen and i found myself getting mad at the characters who just seemed to make the simplest of things, difficult.
04) a wedding in december -- it was okay but the deceit made me hate it.

and well, the only book i have liked so far is stephen king's four past midnight which i'm not yet through with.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

fierce rodents

a few nights ago we all went out to ray's and hung out on the patio, ate some food, and drank some beers.
^ in the above picture, don't i resemble an unimpressed picture taking callie? i think so. haha we have been mistaken for one another before.
unfortunately, i did not get to witness the wonders of tall paul because we split before he performed. maybe one of these days i'll get to. ha!
when we got home callie chased this creepy little possum up a tree. i was scared it was going to jump on my face and start scratching out my eyeballs. instead it just peed from that branch while staring down at all of us.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ain't got nothin' on me

i am the cooking master!
i cooked tuna melts the other day for mo and geri. they turned out really well and i felt oh so proud of myself.
here is the final product being displayed by mo.

special thanks goes out to rachel ray (who stole mo's subway sandwich recipe) and for my mom for trying to get me to be able to cook something other than melting cheese on nachos.

Monday, September 10, 2007


geri and i posing for a picture before going down to tom's for a get together. i can't remember the reason for such a terrible face on my part, i think maybe my smile was not up to mo's standards at first. hahaha!
my first football game ever will be hard to beat if i ever decide to see anyone other than the VOLS play, that's for sure. never in my liiiife have i seen so many people decked out in orange. my favorite part of the night? probably guiltily participating in THE WAVE that seemed to make its way around the stadium for 10min straight.

not sweating was unfortunately NOT an option that night.

sunday morning i wake up and am told to get ready! cause we're going to buckhead for a race. what an action packed weekend. mo and i walked around the course cheering on geri who did well. after the race we went to fado's for some food and a celbratory beer.

the best part? mo asking me to take a picture of her and geri while trying to get the sign also in the picture. i ended up in the weirdest stance saying "BUT I'M A MIDGET!" and all of us cracking up with laughter. you'd think i had more than a beer by the way we were cracking up about it.

after what seemed like the longest car ride back to knoxville, i was pooped after such an exciting weekend with mo and geri.

daily walks with callie and the ocassional jog.
this "vacation" of mine is much needed and appreciated that i have such a fun place to stay at.