Tuesday, October 30, 2007

you get ramen!

after many issues of trying to tape the stencil to our unwilling pumpkins, i am very pleased with the outcome!!!

guess who's the grazy cat and who's the little devil boy?
shouldn't be too hard to figure out, huh???

Sunday, October 28, 2007

creepy pub crawl

FINALLY! something worth posting about!
last night travis, brian, dawn, and i went downtown for the creepy pub crawl tour.
we started out at an old bar called six pence and from there we walked around town stopping at areas that are known to be haunted as well as pubs.

it was a lot of fun. we started out learning that savannah was the site of a large indian burial ground that was leveled and the city was built on top of. this seemed to be a recurring theme without the tour and i couldn't help but think of all of the dead people underneath every step i took.

we probably had the best tour guide possible because you could tell he did it just for the fun of it.
this was our first stop on the tour. a bed and breakfast where scratching in the walls would wake up many of the male visitors, but not the women. while converting that particular room into a utility room, the contractors found a skeleton in the walls. what had happened was when they were digging up the basement for the current building many, many years ago they found the skeleton, but instead of leaving it where it was or giving it a proper burial, they just plastered over it in the walls of the building. the skeletal remains were believed to be native american so the cherokee nation took it upon themselves to give it the proper burial it deserved and ever since then there hasnt been any scratching waking up the bed and breakfast's male guests since.

this is the only church in savannah that has NOT been destroyed by the many fires that the town had suffered from during the 1800s. the other churches began speculating that the baptists were intentionally setting the fires! underneath this church a few thousand jewish graves were found and the church was built on top of them.

next we went to the oldest cemetery in savannah which is actually VERY small, but contains at least 15,000 bodies.
after that, we went to the 17hundered90, where the honeymoon suite has many haunting stories. it's booked for the next two years because of this.

next up is the kehoe house which is believed to be haunted by quite the practical joker. the story goes that the lady of the house used to love playing practical jokes on her family. one in particular was throwing a large object down the stairs and then to start crying to wake everyone up and think that someone had fallen down the stairs until of course they heard her cackles. but as it turns out, her family ended up being the last to play a practical joke on her. the lady died and one of her requests was to have her coffin "paraded" through town with six white horses carrying her coffin, instead the family had her coffin led by six mules. she came back to her old stomping grounds and ever since has been playing practical jokes. after her death, the family sold the house and it was turned into a funeral home.
a mortician was coming in for his first day of work and smelled coffee brewing. he thought possibly someone had come in to help him on his first day, so he went in the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee and sitting at the table was a corpse with a mug of coffee in his hand. the man was so scared he fled and never told anyone until a few months later when he wrote a letter as to why he had left the town in such a hurry.

there are a lot more stories and places we saw, but i can only think of so much. my favorite story is probably the most disturbing so i might as well just keep that to myself. it's not a story for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

oh, and guess who i met?! STAGG!!! hahahahah
i accidentally was like WHO IS THAT GUY FROM GUNS N ROSES? STAGG? hahahaha woops, i meant slash.

travis and i had a lot of fun. we learned quite a bit about savannah and went to places we probably would have never even noticed if it weren't for the tour.

today we carved pumpkins and decorated the front for halloween.
i'll take pictures of our awesome pumpkins tonight when they're all lit up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

tt&g visit savannah!

so my mom and dad came to visit travis and me in good ol' savannah.
friday night they arrived and we went down to the city market and sat out on the patio of wild wing cafe. it was nice to see them after so long and to see my dad tell his stories. it's like a performance, really.

saturday afternoon we went down to broughton st. for some shopping. you can't get away from tim tim and his manic shopping excursions! even if it's pouring down rain. HA! i was soaked to the bone and freezing by the end of the trip. i saw a lot of stores i had never even noticed before. NOT TO MENTION!!! i got some awesome thrifting deals like, a $2 paul frank belt, a striped hoodie, and two shirts.

sunday we went back downtown and hung out at oktoberfest.
mom and i shared call-a-cabs. we walked around and looked at the little touristy shops i had never been in before. it was a fun time.

overall, i really needed to see my parents. they keep me grounded when i kind of forget who i am. i'm glad i have them around to be my support system. just next time dad and i should at least take ONE picture together. haha

in the meantime i am trying to stick to their advice, but at times it is proving to be very difficult.