Sunday, March 23, 2008

what is that!?!

i miss exploring.

i need to do it more often because i notice so much more and laugh in a way that makes you and i laugh even more.

what a wonderful day.



Tim Ferris said...

Every day is exploring, done right.

In the last part of Tim Ferriss' new book, there's a little snippet about Steve Jobs, and how he asks himself each morning that, if this were to be the very last day of his life, is what he had planned for that day be what he would do, in a last-day scenario. If he says "no" too many times, he does a major reevaluation and overhaul.

We had a great Easter, too, even though we didn't do the Easter egg hunt.

Tim Ferris said...

that last comment is sort of clumsy--I hope you get the drift

Gloria Ferris said...


How precious. That looks like the shadow of an angry Pygmy hippo, but your dad was with me all day and I didn't hear him voicing the pygmy hippo call not even once.

Sounds like you had a Happy Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt.



Maureen said...

oh too cute. Rambo is checking out that Hippo like "hold me back!"
Sounds like you had a great day!
Happy Easter!

Tim Ferris said...

I thought the shadow was that of a dog--an angry, fat, pygmy dog.

Maureen said...

geez do a new post lady!