Saturday, March 08, 2008

yeah i like you

look at me, the ladies love me.


can you please stop now?

the easiest time to snap a picture of rambo is when he's enjoying the comforts of his dog bed, otherwise he looks like you're about to beat him.

i am addicted to stunna shades.


Tim Ferris said...

And yeah, I'm getting to like him, too. It's so much easier when you don't have to clean up after him.

The snow is so deep up here that our new little guy, Mr. Lucky, is sort of half-burrowing along when we take him out. Cocking a leg is difficult, if not sort of meaningless.

Gloria Ferris said...

Oh he is such a ham. Maybe gramma was right, he is a hambone. Hey, check out the beginning of that tan. WoW!

Dad's right the snow is so deep but the dogs and I are going to venture out soon. It is SOOOO cold. at least the snow has stopped.

KATIE! said...

rambo still hasn't learned the leg lift. who knows when he will? considering he doesn't have any boy dogs to lead in example. haha

i never got your snow pictures :( i was looking forward to them too! and seing pj.

KATIE! said...

isn't he? travis finds the "hambone" story hilarious and now will sometimes call him that.

i know, the tan is already forming and i haven't even spent that much time working on it. im hoping i'll have an awesome tan this summer.

try sending me those pictures again!

Maureen said...

oh hambone is a dolly! too cute. thank you for taking a pic with him & you in it for scale. where's the one with the penny or dime though....? hee haw!