Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

baby shower weekend

rambo and charlotte playing
he was happy to find someone as wild and crazy as he is.
callie just wasn't having it.

where rambo stayed for the weekend because he was too rowdy.
"i'm locked out, they won't let me innn, they won't let me innn"

mo got first dibs on the "made with love" cupcakes i made for the baby shower.

mo and i in the baby's aweeesome room.
i'm displaying the painting i did for the baaby.

group shot on the back porch.
awww. how cute.

the baby shower was a success and it was good to see all of my family.
once lil baby _______ arrives!!!

in other news, i start my new job on August 4th!
i'm excited for the bigger paychecks and the feeling of permanency.
i've been trying really, really hard to be more responsible as of late and i can see some positive changes.
the next few months to come are going to be life altering, in a good way, i can feel it.

because i am so NICE i decided not to post any pictures without travis' permission.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

nintendo no friendo

as you requested, mo.
rambo has started trying to bite mario when he jumps in the air.
he's always by my side while i play intently staring at the game.
i didn't even try to pose brain dead with mouth hanging open.

who is from berea, ohio?

i feel incredibly sleepy and lazy this week.
and i rock the dirty hippie look quite well, thanks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

hey hey hey

you'll be seeing us soon!
plus travis of course.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of july 08

last minute 4th of july decisions were made.
we went to south carolina and bought fireworks. me, i got the giant sparklers. that's about all i'd mess with.

we went to tim's for a going away/bonfire/4th of july party.
i guess it was my mission to try and be a social butterfly.

the ladies of the party that decided to be social as well and not outcasts like SOME people. hahaha

travis & tim

the bonfire.

no fingers, hands, toes, were lost.
so overall it was a pretty good night.
the next day i was feeling a bit rough and watched a harry potter marathon for a great majority of the day. weee.

today after investigating WHY my bug bites burnt so bad...travis figured out that my legs are.....INFESTED WITH CHIGGERS.
clear nail polish has been applied to the affected areas and the burning sensation has subsided.

thanks georgia, for all of the gross bugs that inhabit your lovely state.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

summer happenins

one sunday afternoon at tybee.
we should do this more often!
like my tan lines? it looks like i'm sporting some bright white shorts.

i should have made an adventure list (like i used to do) for this summer, but i didn't.
we still have to go camping a few times before summer is up.
time is really flying by quickly.

travis and zack at the pool.
we went swimming right before the storm came.

also on the summer to do list: SHARK FISHING!!!
this is from our roll of film from last summer and our shark fishing escapades.
once i bought the camera, travis didn't catch any shark. isn't that just my luck?

if you're interested, here is a picture of our new entertainment center we just got. for glass paned doors on either side, little area towards the top to hide all of the electronic devices, and then four little drawers in the middle. i'm likin' it.
next on the HOUSE to do list: paint the dang walls! yeesh.
rambo was spazzing out just now when i was taking the picture but he took a breather to pose all cute for you.