Saturday, March 01, 2008

all we need is...

(i could care less about the video...i just can't figure out how to put music on my blogggggg)

song i am all about at the moment:
You are the dark ocean bottom
And I am the fast sinking anchor
Should I fall for you
You are the scar on my tissue
That I show all of my new friends
Should I show you me

All we need is a little bit of momentum
Breakdown these walls that we’ve built around ourselves
All we need is a little bit of inertia
Breakdown and tell breakdown and tell

That you are the rain on the fire
Deep in the trees when no one was looking
Should I speak of this
You are a mirage in the distance
That defies the heat of the desert
Should I believe in you

These rules are made to break and these walls are built to fall
These rules are made to break us all


Maureen said...

are you getting a tattoo?!
:) I hope not.

KATIE! said...

where did that come from?