Tuesday, February 26, 2008

yeah paul frank!

for some reason i became really excited for the summer today while at work.
which reminded me of this awesome swimsuit. so the second (right now) i got home, i ordered it.

woo hoo!
swimsuit season starts in the end of april down here probably so REALLY i'm not that far in advance.
just the motivation i needed.

in other good news, i found out today that the job opening is OPEN FOR ALL.
it's in customer service which is something i vowed NOT to do, but....the good (MUCH increased income, pays for school, benefits ahem) outweighs the bad in this situation and i would only have to stay in that department for six months before i could move on to something i would much rather do.

so...! this week i will be sprucing up my resume and getting my head in the game for feeeelin' gooood.


Tim Ferris said...

at first I thought they were cute flowers, then I saw they were the skull and crossbones--interesting dynamic

Maureen said...

oh cute swimsuit--that will look good on you!
I heart Julius!