Thursday, February 14, 2008

i heart you!

i love you guys.

today we took rambo to his first vet visit.
everyone said how cute and well behaved he was for being so young.
when the nurse picked him up to weigh him she was amazed at how heavy he was because he's so small. turns out he weighs 36lbs! no wonder i had a hard time picking him up after giving him his bath. yeeesh! he's definitely going to be a big boy.

also today at work i had to man the phone lines. when asked how it went by my co-worker, i told her i probably wouldn't be picking the phone up anytime soon. YEP, that's how well it went.




Tim Ferris said...

We heart you too, and love you a whole bunch as well. So, how are these sized? What are your requirements?

KATIE! said...

i don't know really.
they're too expensive for what they are...$44.
i saw them last year priced at $12 and now i'm kicking myself for not jumping on that deal.

Maureen said...

Hope you had a good Valentines & are recovered from your phone duties!