Thursday, February 07, 2008


we might get a puppy!
if we're approved by the humane society.


i sure hope so.


Maureen said...

he is SO CUTE! I just love him! he is very tinty!
I hope you get him!

Tim Ferris said...

He does look cute and ornery, but what is "tinty"? I need to keep up with the new parlance among you younger folk.

I see he's classified as a bull terrier. What's the disposition on that breed in general?

Tim Ferris said...

I found a nice page that answered my previous question, and more. Seems you've made a good choice. I'm looking forward to meeting Jack.

Gloria Ferris said...

How cute! He is sooo lovable. I hope that your home visit goes well and that you and Travis get your puppy.

Will he get his own place to stay while you are both at work?

He is adorable.



KATIE! said...

tinty = tiny

no news yet om whether or not we got the dog. travis and i are giddy like little kids and crossing our fingers!!! it's nice to know i'm not the only one super excited. travis is just as excited as i am.

we looked online and are thinking about getting him one of those play pens for when we're at work...IF we're approved. GEEZ. i sure hope so. haha