Sunday, February 17, 2008


travis got rambo some new BLING for his collar.
it's a tie dyed bone that has his name engraved on it in case he ever runs off.
yesterday we had friends over and grilled out.
boy, does rambo love visitors! they sure do love him too.
he was tearing through the yard showing off and acting like a spazz.

travis and rambo both snoring after a loooong day of playing.
aren't they precious?

i just ordered these items for "my" bathroom:

they'll look perfect with the purple walls.


Maureen said...

ok where do I start?!!? First off, I LOVE your new color scheme--don't ever change it. it is awesome. 2nd--Rambo's dog tag is sweet--where did you find tyedye?
3rd--are those mirrors for your bathroom?
Looks like you're having fun!

KATIE! said...

thanks. i got bored and changed it today.
travis got the tag from wal-mart.
yeah the mirrors are for my bathroom. loved the different colors.

Gloria Ferris said...


Answer your phone. I love the picture of cute little Rambo. And the one of the sleeping duo is quite descriptive. Those mirrors are really cool. I see you still are into Zebra things the shoes the other day, and now the shower curtain.



Maureen said...

ok it you wanna see copycat--now go look at my blog! now it is truly similar to yours, plus I covered my bases with all baby colors--pink/blue/yellow/green!
The only difference is our shades of green are a bit different but that is it!!!