Sunday, August 05, 2007


last night around 11p.m. travis and i went SHARK FISHING with his friends.
it was so much fun. after walking down a path and being surrounded by the defeaning sound of frogs croaking, we got to the pitch black beach which seemed like it came right out of a horror movie. eventually our eyes adjusted and we could see the people around us a little bit better so it wasn't as creepy.

jamie was the first to catch a little fish.
travis was the first to catch a baby shark.
then mike caught a significantly larger shark.
then jamie caught a sting ray.
travis was excited to catch an even bigger one and HE DID.

(at least)4ft, 60lbs, bonnet head.
it was amazing!!!

the tsunami that hit my purse was NOT amazing excepted it made me scream "MY PURSE!!!" and scurry towards it while travis lept over it thinking it was some weird sea creature. thank god i didn't listen to him and bring the camera this time.
neither were the weirdos who came over saying "i would reeeaaally like to help release this shark into the waaater."

they fished probably until 4a.m.
now i'm covered in bug bites, but wow that was a lot of fun.


Gloria Ferris said...

Wow, KT! That does sound like fun. Pictures would have been nice but you were right not to take the camera you would have been protecting it and not having as much fun.

Frogs can be deafening can't they? Do people go frog gigging in GA or is it illegal.

I'm not sure that it is allowed here in Ohio any more I know there used to be a season, but I am real out of touch with that sort of thing.

I'm glad you don't allow anonymous comments. I just saw that it is it something new?

So are you a groggy froggy today at work?


P.S. I beat Mo for commenting this time.

Katie said...

i don't know what frog gigging is? like catching them? i don't know really. usually i don't see too many frogs.

no, i never let anonymous comments on my stuff WHO KNOWS who reads it and could just say nasty things without having to put a name down.

mo sure is off her game. hahaha

Tim Ferris said...

So when are you guys going to go see the orchestra, or the ballet, or a play that doesn't have the word "Ubu" in it?

Maureen said...

hey I'm were you guys inspired by "shark week" on the Discovery channel? Geri has been riveted! sounds dangerous to me!
glad you didnot take your camera and ruin it!

Katie said...

hahah that's exactly what travis' friend mike said he was like i've been watching shark week!!! but i guess they do it pretty often.

they're "small" so their teeth aren't as big/less dangerous, but if somehow they did get a hold of you, you'd probably need a few stitches or something. but it was AMAAAAZING seeing a shark up on the beach trying to get back into the water, but then it got sad when they were gasping for breath and tiring themselves out :( that's when i'd walk away.

Maureen said...

oh that sounds sad. so did the sharks die right there? or did they throw them back in before it was too late?

Katie said...

they didn't die, thank god. i'd be so sad. they swam away happily after getting used to the water.