Sunday, August 26, 2007

friends in low places

shanda and stephen visited me yesterday. we went out to dinner and then down to river street for a little while. then to ross' for some late night down and dirty bargain shopping!

i miss shanda and wish she still lived in savannah. cause then i'd at least have friends, fun friends.

in other news, my car wouldn't start this morning and we're going to go buy a battery for it in hopes that that is all that is wrong with it. poor green goblin :(

green goblin update: PURRING AS USUAL! a new battery and my ride seems to be doing juuust fine. thank goodness.


Maureen said...

like your new color scheme. glad to hear the car is good--you made me nervous for a sec! I am your friend! you can always call me!

Tim Ferris said...

relieved to hear about the car--let us know whether the skipping clears up too.

Katie said...

thanks, i wanted a change.

i was nervous too, but then we got it all worked out and i was happy.

i know you're my friend and i DO call you. YEEESH! you know what i mean though.

Katie said...

dad, we went to go get an o2 censor as well, but we weren't sure if my car was a 2.2 or 2.4 so i am hoping to have travis fix that for me this weekend.

Tim Ferris said...

good--so much of having an old car is just working things through, and replacing parts systematically