Monday, August 13, 2007

bustin' out

so, it seems easier and easier for me to make friends wherever i go or just strike up a conversation. no more making sure not to make eye contact or being too scared to comment on anything. someone actually used the word "OUTGOING" to describe me the other day. much improvement has been made!!!

the picture is from north dakota when i was all alone at the bonfire and had to make friends or risk overhearing people say "WHO IS THAT WEIRD GIRL?!" haahha


Maureen said...

Kate you look SO pretty--love the pics & the green eye shadow! is this the pic that girl sent you...?
Geri said you are looking so skinny!

Katie said...

thanks mo and geri :)

yeah, it's the picture i kept "harissing" her about. haha she finally caved and sent it.