Sunday, July 29, 2007

safe return

more pictures
we're back from north dakota!
savannah greeted us with a bunch of rain.
i had a lot of fun and really felt at home up there.

of course i didn't take ENOUGH pictures, but i took some. that's good enough.
if you start for the last picture on the second page, you'll be going in the correct order.


Maureen said...

luv the pics. didn't see a ton of you but the one with your green eye shadow was very pretty. LOVE the sunset one by your Delta plane. Travis looked cute in his lil button down & slacks too. also luv the doggy & horsie pics. It looks very nice up there with the blue skies & green grass (as opposed to here with smog & dead burnt grass)! good job KT. talk to you soon!! :)

KATIE! said...

yeah, i didn't really end up taking many of myself or with travis. that's the way it usually goes. im kicking myself now for it, but i tried. i like how most of the pictures i took were of ANIMALS! hahaha it was really nice there, but i just imagined the big open spaces covered in snow and shuddered. oh and he did look very cute in his get up but he came back with a bunch of grass stains and smudges from sliding on the floor. hahaha!

KATIE! said...

im going to try and wrangle up more pictures from all of travis' aunts. there were a few cute ones of us in the bunch.

Maureen said...

yeah it looked like Travis started out dressed nice and then as the day progressed he got sweatier & more disheveled! :)

Gloria Ferris said...

I see why you were comfortable there. Everything was blue and green and you love blue and green.

Beautiful land and it looks like nice people as well.

hope that Travis's aunts share pics with you. I don't get to see enough of you guys and pics are nice.

Yes, and miles and miles of snow would make me shudder too.

Reminds me of Bowling Green. Was it windy?

KATIE! said...

hey ma, it wasn't too windy..i don't think? the breeze is what helped cool us off during the day without it we were roasting almost as bad as down here in sav.

they BETTER share their pics! ahaha

Tim Ferris said...

Katie, you're getting better and better with fashioning your world--remember, things improve, the older you get, and the more you do.

Tim Ferris said...

Can I help you retrieve any of the graphics that go with your old posts here? I may have them on this machine or on your mom's, if you want me to look.

KATIE! said...

no, i don't need them. thanks for the offer though.