Monday, August 27, 2007


i made the walhalla newspaper along with travis.
no, i didn't hold up a liquor store. travis' grandma sent a piece in that we both visited his family from savannah, georgia. i thought that was nice/neat.

ALSO, one of my favorite shows is showcasing CLEVELAND, OHIO.

anthony bourdain: no reservations on the travel channel at 10pm tonight!

YOU BEST BELIEVE i will be watching.


Maureen said...

ooh la la--maybe you could do a link from your appearance in the newspaper!
Yes, I know you do call me! I was just saying!

Tim Ferris said...

does this mean we should be getting cable?

are we missing something we shouldn't?

Katie said...

i just googled to see if the newspaper was online and it wasn't. did i ever show you their local paper? they list the weekly activities of the nursing, eating coffee, and birthdays. it's the smallest/funniest paper everrr.

when we visited they even had a photo of the nursing home picnic attendees with an old lady who had her finger shoved up her nose! UP TO THE KNUCKLE! HI-LAR-IOUS!!!

Katie said...

no, it doesn't mean you should get cable, but i do like the show a lot. it was kind of depressing to watch actually. they really made cleveland seem like it was slowly dying. (they showcased kids surfing in the winter by the sewage drain at lake erie..old warehouses with missing window.)

they didn't go to all of the spots i would have shown off though.. EXCEPT they went to university inn, WESTSIDE MARKET! (i got to point out to travis where we will be going for breakfast brats when he comes to visit with me), and the sausage shop at the other end of fulton close to the house/zoo.

they also had interviews with the guy who wrote american splendor, showed off the god awful FREE! stamp, and went to the rock n roll hall of fame with mikey ramone.

truthfully, i don't think they did cleveland justice, but then again, the show IS only an hour.

Maureen said...

hey no you had not told me about their local paper--that totally sounds HILARIOUS!
umm...yes that sounds kinda sad about the Cleveland show. I have noticed that when I watch stuff like that that they cannot possibly edit the show to fit everything you want in just a 30 or 60 min. segment, which is frustrating.

Tim Ferris said...

Katie, I'm looking forward to your next post, soon, and a new perspective.

Tim Ferris said...

so, how about a picture of what you're doing on your vacation?

Katie said...

mo and i have plenty of pictures to post, but no time as of yet! we've been too busy. expect something on mo's blog by tonight.