Thursday, July 17, 2008

nintendo no friendo

as you requested, mo.
rambo has started trying to bite mario when he jumps in the air.
he's always by my side while i play intently staring at the game.
i didn't even try to pose brain dead with mouth hanging open.

who is from berea, ohio?

i feel incredibly sleepy and lazy this week.
and i rock the dirty hippie look quite well, thanks.


Maureen said...

ok love how hambone sits right with you to play nintendo! so cute! and also love the tiedye shirt--sweet!
what is up with your serious intent face!? take a chill pill girl! it is just Mario! hehehe

Maureen said...

well I have beaten you to the post! check out my blog! where's your baby shower post lady?!

Gloria Ferris said...


Hambone and you are looking so intently at that screen I can only believe it is not good for your eyes.

You both are so cute sitting there playing Mario on nintendo.

I see that Mo has opened the door to your inner tie dye again.

It somehow looks so right on you.



Tim Ferris said...

good picture

KATIE! said...

it probably isn't good for eyes. i think you can both see our little brains rotting a bit in the picture.

mo sure has. i don't know if that's a good thing or not! but oh man, those shirts are so comfy.

KATIE! said...

SORRY it took me so long.

Maureen said...

haha yeah you used to LIVE in tye dye grateful dead shirts! so cute. yeah my shirts are very worn in & thin and SO comfy! glad you like 'em!