Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of july 08

last minute 4th of july decisions were made.
we went to south carolina and bought fireworks. me, i got the giant sparklers. that's about all i'd mess with.

we went to tim's for a going away/bonfire/4th of july party.
i guess it was my mission to try and be a social butterfly.

the ladies of the party that decided to be social as well and not outcasts like SOME people. hahaha

travis & tim

the bonfire.

no fingers, hands, toes, were lost.
so overall it was a pretty good night.
the next day i was feeling a bit rough and watched a harry potter marathon for a great majority of the day. weee.

today after investigating WHY my bug bites burnt so bad...travis figured out that my legs are.....INFESTED WITH CHIGGERS.
clear nail polish has been applied to the affected areas and the burning sensation has subsided.

thanks georgia, for all of the gross bugs that inhabit your lovely state.


Maureen said...

very nice, glad to hear you did not lose an eyeball to any fireworks and the only injury is chigger bites!

KATIE! said...

these are the most intense...bugs everrr. i'm trying so hard not to peel off the nail polish and scratch like a mad woman.

Gloria Ferris said...


Do not scratch like a mad woman. They will spread. keep the fingernail polish on them no matter what.

That is SOME bonfire. I bet it could be see for miles.

Looks like you had a good time. And there is no shame in watching a Harry Potter marathon.



Tim Ferris said...

so who are these "SOME people," or is that an in-reference, and you have to have been there to understand it?

when I was in Georgia, I wore long socks and sometimes even tucked my pants into my boots--in the Army, and after.