Wednesday, July 23, 2008

baby shower weekend

rambo and charlotte playing
he was happy to find someone as wild and crazy as he is.
callie just wasn't having it.

where rambo stayed for the weekend because he was too rowdy.
"i'm locked out, they won't let me innn, they won't let me innn"

mo got first dibs on the "made with love" cupcakes i made for the baby shower.

mo and i in the baby's aweeesome room.
i'm displaying the painting i did for the baaby.

group shot on the back porch.
awww. how cute.

the baby shower was a success and it was good to see all of my family.
once lil baby _______ arrives!!!

in other news, i start my new job on August 4th!
i'm excited for the bigger paychecks and the feeling of permanency.
i've been trying really, really hard to be more responsible as of late and i can see some positive changes.
the next few months to come are going to be life altering, in a good way, i can feel it.

because i am so NICE i decided not to post any pictures without travis' permission.


Tim Ferris said...

Good move, on the Travis part--nice pictures--did Mom and I do our part for getting those things up on the internet?

I don't recall being involved.

They're not calling the baby Tank Girl, are they? I can't think of what else I haven't heard for a while...Robeek...Ramonica...Hildegard...Gertrude...?

Gloria Ferris said...

That's good. i obtained permission from Travis for the picture I intend to post before I left TN.

It has been my experience, dear KT that when you expect good things to happen they usually do. We do have a tendency to guide our own self-fulfilling prophecies. At times, there are bumps along the way but all in all if you think good thoughts, good things happen.

Also when you approach life from an attitude of giving rather than what will I get out of it, better things usually happen as well. plus you will be happier, healthier, and live longer.



Maureen said...

nice post (finally!). oh geez I don't think I got Travis' permission! oh well I guess.
And no the baby's name is not ZULA or LULA. not close. SODDY! glad you liked the baby name website though.

CONGRATS again on your job btw. I am very happy for you!

KATIE! said...

mom did it allll by her lonesome! be proud.

i'll keep guessing until i figure out. i have like, three weeks to keep guessing. hahah

KATIE! said...

it was definitely a different setup then i've ever seen before. pretty cool. no ZULA? it'd be pretty different. that's for sure. haha

thanks :)