Monday, September 10, 2007


geri and i posing for a picture before going down to tom's for a get together. i can't remember the reason for such a terrible face on my part, i think maybe my smile was not up to mo's standards at first. hahaha!
my first football game ever will be hard to beat if i ever decide to see anyone other than the VOLS play, that's for sure. never in my liiiife have i seen so many people decked out in orange. my favorite part of the night? probably guiltily participating in THE WAVE that seemed to make its way around the stadium for 10min straight.

not sweating was unfortunately NOT an option that night.

sunday morning i wake up and am told to get ready! cause we're going to buckhead for a race. what an action packed weekend. mo and i walked around the course cheering on geri who did well. after the race we went to fado's for some food and a celbratory beer.

the best part? mo asking me to take a picture of her and geri while trying to get the sign also in the picture. i ended up in the weirdest stance saying "BUT I'M A MIDGET!" and all of us cracking up with laughter. you'd think i had more than a beer by the way we were cracking up about it.

after what seemed like the longest car ride back to knoxville, i was pooped after such an exciting weekend with mo and geri.

daily walks with callie and the ocassional jog.
this "vacation" of mine is much needed and appreciated that i have such a fun place to stay at.


Maureen said...

ummm....yes your smile was just fine--Geri was the one making goofy faces, if I recall correctly. and just when I got him to behave, you decided to make a silly face. so I just gave up & this is the result!

Gloria Ferris said...

I think it is a very good picture of two people having fun and of course I know the camera bug quite well and I know how she loves to press that shutter button.

Sounds like the three of you had a great weekend.

I am glad that Katie is getting the respite she needs and that Geri and you are helping her rest with fun times.

You do have the "funnest" times.

KATIE! said...

sorry mo, you're right about how the picture taking event went down.

KATIE! said...

oh it is a very good picture, ma. it really captures my true essence, doesn't it? hahahaa

it was a very eventful, fun filled weekend that's for sure.

Maureen said...

hee haw thanks for your help on my blog sissy!

Eddie said...

1. i have the same pants geri's wearing.
2. i'm in tennerssee right now!
3. you look terrific in those pictures, really pretty and in good shape.
4. i'm at this conference full of crazy fundamentalists and--worse--people going out of their way to show how UN-fundamentalist they are. they wear black t-shirts that have lame graffiti and french curls and ornaments on them. lame lame.

i miss you, champ.

KATIE! said...

j crew, right? HOW'D I KNOW?
wow, we're in the same state at the same time. interesting.
punch em in the face eddie. just do it. they deserve it.

thanks for commenting.
i miss you too.