Saturday, September 15, 2007

fierce rodents

a few nights ago we all went out to ray's and hung out on the patio, ate some food, and drank some beers.
^ in the above picture, don't i resemble an unimpressed picture taking callie? i think so. haha we have been mistaken for one another before.
unfortunately, i did not get to witness the wonders of tall paul because we split before he performed. maybe one of these days i'll get to. ha!
when we got home callie chased this creepy little possum up a tree. i was scared it was going to jump on my face and start scratching out my eyeballs. instead it just peed from that branch while staring down at all of us.


Tim Ferris said...

where's Ray's?

KATIE! said...

i don't know really. i think it's off kingston pike? it's not a place mo or geri would usually pick to go out to eat, but geri got a nice gift certificate so we decided to go there.

snoopy said...

hey! i didn't know you adopted a possum. hahahah. I GOT A BLOG. are you happy now?!

KATIE! said...

YES!!! i am very happy you got a blog! i've given up on everything else i usually write in and i wanted you tuned in. geeeez!

-woodstock (ha)

KATIE! said...

i hate possums with a passion. they smell terrible.

Maureen said...

that opossum is scary! I hope it doesn't attack you while we're gone! teehee justkidding. I AM DELERIOUS!!!!