Saturday, November 15, 2008

that's how we do

so today is scatter brained saturday for me.
WOW, i haven't posted in ages it feels like.
things were entirely too ho-hum for a while there, but i seem to have been catapulted into good times and friendships as of late.

my birthday is in TWO WEEKS. wow, i'm going to be 23 with the mentality of a teenager. frightening.
i hope you've figured out what you're going to get me because i have no clue. JUST KIDDING. i don't need much of anything.

anyway, let's go back a little bit in time...

Georgia vs. Florida Game

spur of the moment decision to actually go to the game and i'm glad we did.
here is me in the closest i could get to supporting GA. HOW BOUT THEM DOGS?
my nose is red from the cold, thankyouverymuch.

we started the morning early along with an r. kelly marathon coming from the camp right next to us. let me tell you, KICK OUT THE JAMS WITH SOME R KELLY!!! haha

there was food and beer pong alll day long until nap time around 3pm.
i woke up once the game was over (like i cared?) and was ready to party some more.
it was a really fun day, i got to hang out with brandi and her awesome friends from work. oh, and dance it up at the "OFF DA CHAIN" tent.
more pictures!!!

i was pretty tired the whole week after that but had to get ready for our guests from orlando, Cethkyn, who were playing a show at Yong's Country Club just down the street from us.

travis & nina are the cutest

nina & i? more like zany.

then cethkyn started to play and that's when everything broke loose.

maaan, i had so much fun!!! kind of makes me wish we lived in Orlando. kind of a lot really.

but i finally got to sleep in today after being a zombie at work this week. woohoo!
so now i'm just trying to figure out christmas presents. i preordered travis' birthday gift. shhh. don't tell.

i'm looking forward to my knoxville trip for thanksgiving and seeing how much teagan has grown and well of course, chowing down on some good food. even though i won't be able to visit for christmas, i am kind of looking forward to testing out how good of a christmas dinner i can make for us. PLUS! the moon river christmas party. so, these next few weeks are going to be hectic and wonderful all at the same time and i am so excited!


Maureen said...

great post Kate! love the pics. it has been a long time since you posted! geez!
see you in 2 weeks (less than!)

Tim Ferris said...

....perhaps you are scatterbrained today because the little brain cells are trying to regroup after so many of their fellow cells were mercilessly slaughtered before and after your lead picture here....

Gloria Ferris said...

Great post, KT. glad you finally did post! Sounds like you have some fun packed weekends ahead.



Are you sure that red nose is "just" from the cold? Just bein' a mom.

KATIE! said...

AHEM, yes, the red nose IS just from the cold. it was still early in the afternoon.

KATIE! said...

dad, i blame starbucks coffee but you may be right.

KATIE! said...

i know, mo. i need to keep up with this here blog of mine. i'll try to do it more frequently from here on out.

Gloria Ferris said...


I wanted to tell you your link to cethkyn doesn't go anywhere.