Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rambo vs. godzille

well, actually a t-rex. he's lovin' this toy to the max.


Maureen said...

yeah Hambone! oh this isnot a fair fight--Rambo is for sure winning that one!
did you get yer punkins yet?

KATIE! said...

he loooves that t-rex. it's funny to watch him pick it up in his mouth and try and run with it because if he doesn't have the weight balanced juust right he nearly tips over. hahaaa

no, no pumpkins yet. this weekend i think we'll go pick ours out. yay! i'm looking forward to it.

bleh, off to work.

Tim Ferris said...

In the second picture, is godzilla kissing him or biting him in the neck? Rambo seems nonplused.

Gloria Ferris said...

OHH So cute! that is a pretty big toy. Will Rambo go with you to pick out the punkin's for carvin'?

He may be scared of those carved faces.

Halloween is just eight days away!