Sunday, June 29, 2008

be careful you're important

i liked this postsecret.

i don't like the new map i put on my page.


Tim Ferris said...

Yeah--what's the deal with that map? (and I liked the PostSecret too--did you know we did an interview with Frank for MeetTheBloggers a good while ago?)

Tim Ferris said...

I guess the map just shows who's on simultaneously--I think I'd rather see something a little more cumulative.

KATIE! said...

im probably going to switch my map back to what it was. bleh. this one tells you cities/states and what not. i liked that feature but i am not a fan of it not saving every visit.

you told me about the postsecret guy before. i wonder what kind of person he is.

Gloria Ferris said...


When I went to BFD to see George's favorite postcard today, I clicked thru to scroll the rest of the cards.

When I saw this one for some reason I thought of you. Funny to see it pop up on your site later as your favorite card of the day.

our interview with Frank Warren was a phone interview so we didn't get to meet him f2f, although I still hold out hope, but from listening to him and finding out why he started the postcard project, I believe that he is a caring, giving man.

I didn't get to see the other map but I do like this one.



Maureen said...

didn't see your other map. you guys find some interesting stuff on that post secret.

KATIE! said...

that is funny that you thought of me when you saw that. i don't know if that's a good or a bad thing? i like to read the postcard in a positive note.

man oh man i love me some postsecret, mo. some of them can be really sad though. i'm not such a fan of those ones.