Thursday, May 29, 2008

vonage customer service

i forgot my username or so i thought, but i really forgot which password i i called the help line to ask what it is.

phone lady: ok, i updated your info and a new password will be sent to your e-mail k-t-nose......bleed??? hahahaha @
me: ok thanks.
phone lady: hahahaha i guess you must go to a lot of nosebleed concerts. hahaha
me: yepp.
phone lady: oh you made my day. thanks. bye.

maybe i should switch my e-mail to a more grown up one, but those always just get filled with spam anyway.

oh p.s.
i am halfway to 23 today.
which brought up "HEY LIFE WHAT TO DO WITH YOU?"


Maureen said...

teehee. :)
I also like your new colors--it reminds of a certain baby room colors I know of....

Tim Ferris said...

Seems you're doing just fine--just keep moving--be aware, attentive, present, and appreciative--and don't overthink it. Suspend being judgmental for a while. Most things just ARE.

Life is too short and moves too fast to get all serious about it.

Maureen, you are shameless, dropping such unsubtle hints about the little Meweet--but what the heck, we encouraged you not to be shy or repressed.

tommy said...
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KATIE! said...

hey, it was cool when i was 17. not so much anymore. it's just whatever.