Friday, May 23, 2008


i haven't done one of these in forever.
subject: worry

i think i pretty much look like that when i worry..a bad, sketchy character.


Maureen said...

oh KT don't be worried, be happy! I think that is what I look like too.

KATIE! said...

oh im not worrying at the moment. i've been pretty good about trying not to stressss.

this was just for a little newsletter i get in my e-mail every friday and they give you a word/topic like "worry" and you do something artsy to show's been so long since i've done one and i decided i might as well.

Tim Ferris said...

If I had more hair, then, could I worry better?

The sketch looks like I used to feel when people told me to smile, or perk up. After a while, I learned to direct the energy outward, and a while after that, I learned that certain things just ARE, and didn't warrant the involvement of my energy.

Tim Ferris said...

I like the eyeballs, by the way.

Gloria Ferris said...

WOW! That is one stressed and worried gal!

That sounds like a fun enewsletter.

So did you submit it or simply draw it.

Do they choose some to print for the next newsletter?

How does your artsy topic thing work?

Remember to wear your lifejacket!!



Rrramone said...

If that is really your mom commenting, that is very sweet. And go easy on the hair! :-)

tommy said...

i like the notebook paper touch. it puts all my paint drawings to shame.