Monday, May 05, 2008

stir it up

so. the colors are a little squewed but i really am TAN!!!
(rambo just got done giving me a cute puppy kiss to the face while i was trying to take a picture of myself)

yesterday we went to tybee beach with zack and brandi.
it was a beautiful day!!! the sun was out and shining bright too.
maybe a little TOO bright considering i spent most of last night calling travis "tomatohead." soon after i realized i had gotten burnt in places that aren't the most comfortable for sitting down.
i brought my camera for the festivities prepared to snap MANY shots, but guess what? i forgot my image card. if it's not one thing, it's another with me and why i can't seem to take pictures of fun times. (i also lost the cord to upload the pictures i did get to take directly from the camera)
pesky katie story: travis was making fun of me by being freaked out by low flying i got my revenge. i threw a cheeto next to somewhat-snoozing travis and not even 3 seconds (not even enough to prepare myself for a bird sighting) later a bird is trying to scoop it up. travis bats it away and i scream and get out of my chair cause it starts coming towards ME. travis leans over and eats the cheeto laughing. i guess my peskyness backfired on me.



Tim Ferris said...

great picture, super tan--be aware (or, beware)that we think you are hanging out with somebody peskier than you are, or at least you have met your match...

Gloria Ferris said...


You pesky one. I believe you have met your match with Mr. Travis. Beware of seagulls. Your godmother Joanne and I were eating our lunch on an open patio in Clearwater, FL and one of those d**n birds landed in the middle of our table and began pecking at Joanne's sandwich. We backed away quickly from the table.

The waiter gave us another table. Brought new food and we didn't have to pay. he told us that they were becoming such a nuisance that the establishment was thinking of closing the patio.

It was quite scary.

I love the photo of you and Rambo.

Maureen said...

oh yes your tanity is in full swing lady!
and you have always been pesky--I can attest to that fact--esp. towards me!!