Tuesday, January 08, 2008


here are some of the goals i have set for myself.
in no particular order (except for number one of course):

AHEM, number one, get a handle of myself.
apply to school.
prepare my future. err well, as much as i can. haa
try and be healthier.
visit home!!! i miss you too much cleveland.
see a concert. for the first time in YEARS.
read more books.
draw more. maybe even PAINT.
write in my journal more.
take drawing classes (it won't be the same looking at naked weirdos without ashley)
save more money.
don't take things so seriously, personally.
i say this every year and fail BUTTTT keep in better touch with friends.
push myself to do more.
take more pictures.
stop second guessing.
be nicer to people around me.
eat breakfast.

love myself. (probably the hardest one on the list)

some are more simple than others.


Tim Ferris said...

good job; now, read these over every day

Maureen said...

oh I love ya sissy! eating breakfast should be purty easy compared to some of the others!