Thursday, January 03, 2008


at the lake in north dakota last summer.

happy birthday to travis who turned 26 yesterday!
we went out to dinner at spanky's to celebrate travis' birthday.

i'm worn out, exhausted, and think i have a cold coming on.
i need to REEELAAAAX and slow myself down this weekend. i feel like a hamster scurrying in my wheel and getting absolutely nowhere, just tired.
expect a new years resolution post soon. i need to get my priorities in order for the year. travis and i both agree that this year is going to be a great one.


Tim Ferris said...

And, the years keep on getting better and better. You two deserve it.

Maureen said...

yes Happy Birthday to Travis! cute pic (except for the cig but you knew I would say that!)
I think I'm gonna go order some pizza--NOT!!!!

KATIE! said...

i KNEW you were going to say THAT. hahaha there ya go.