Saturday, November 10, 2007

animated graffiti

not much to post about as of late.
i found this neat video on youtube and thought it was worth sharing.


Maureen said...

oh that is creepy--no me gusta!!

Gloria Ferris said...

no me gusta tambien.

Time for another post. It was interesting but it was a bit freaky. Animated graffiti what's next?



KATIE! said...

WELL GUYS, IIIIII thought it was awesome.

regardless, it's extremely creative. OR SO I THINK. once again.

Gloria Ferris said...

It is extremely creative, but then remember you are the creative one of us three so of course you looked beyond what Mo and I saw.

Still, it is time for another post.


Tim Ferris said...

I saw it as awesome and took it for granted that everybody shared the same vision, or perception. So much in life is about perception, and seeing a couple of different levels, Katie; pay no attention to the two literal ones behind the curtain.