Thursday, November 29, 2007


happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!!!

firsts of today: i got locked in a beer cooler.

thanks for all of the cards and birthday wishes. i appreciate them.
today has been a great day. love you all!!!


Maureen said...

yeah 22!!!
you look very pretty by the way. Hope you and Travis have a nice dinner tonite.
FYI, I think that it's a bad omen if you have already been locked in a beer cooler before the partying even begins!

Glad you liked the post I did of us--we are totally cute!
Happy b-day & talk to you soon!

Tim Ferris said...

Glad to have you around. How did you get locked in a beer cooler? Who locks up their beer?

KATIE! said...

thanks. dinner was very nice last night.

the cooler was confusing!!! the cashier even said it's hard to find the tiny lip to get yourself out. at first i thought i had gone in the wrong place. a bad omen it may have been!

but a good birthday it was.