Saturday, February 28, 2009


So, it's been forever since I last posted. I've just been putting it off for way too here is to getting back into the swing of things.

I have been sick for quite a while now with whatever strange coughing/laryngitis bug that has been going around. Even though I have been taking my medicine and all the doctor said I wouldn't be feeling like for 2-3 weeks more. I wish I could get over this already. Feeling exhausted no matter how much sleep I get is frustrating.

We've had quite a few out of towners visit us in the past month or so.

Nina and Travis visited for a little get away from Florida.
Let's just say it was an incredibly rowdy weekend, but I guess that is to be expected whenever the two Travis' get together.
It was great to see Nina and I miss having a friend like her around.

Dog boxing? There were four dogs running around Jesse and Brittany's house. A little crazy.
We found new playmates for Rambo though! He loves going over their place.

Not long after Travis brother, Thomas and his girlfriend Sarah came to visit us from North Dakota.

We showed them around downtown and took them to our favorite place ever, Mellow Mushroom.

We showed them around Tybee Island and stopped at The Crab Shack for a drink and to check out the alligators.
I had never been there before, but it looks like it would be a really fun place to hang out on the patio during the summer.

It was really nice to have guests every once in a while. Hopefully we'll have more in the upcoming months!


Tim Ferris said...

good to see you back online, chronicling

Maureen said...

welcome back to blog world! how is the laptop?!

Tim Ferris said...

Katie, if you go into settings, you can now embed comments beneath the blogpost itself, and it looks so much better.

Mo, you check it out, too.

Tim Ferris said...

this pertains only to blogger blogs--I just helped our Thailand friend set one up today at Madmonk Moriarty,