Monday, August 11, 2008

post secret #2

nice to know i'm not the only one.


Tim Ferris said...

I think you may be getting funnier than me. Good work.

Maureen said...

too funny!

Gloria Ferris said...


your grandpa harry always taught our dogs to wink at him when he winked at them. He would stand behind people who came to visit us and wink at the dog. Of course, the dog would wink back and our guests would invariably say did you see that the dog just winked at me.

My Dad would then insist he didn't see it and it probably wasn't possible.

Before they left, he always showed them the trick.



KATIE! said...

i didn't do that. i found it on postsecret. but whenever rambo winks at me i always wink back at him. haha for the same reason.

KATIE! said...

hey ma,
i've never heard that story before. i've learned something new! what a trickster.

really though, i think rambo and i just have some understanding here. hahaha

Tim Ferris said...

your niece winked at you, too--second picture yesterday