Wednesday, October 10, 2007

tt&g visit savannah!

so my mom and dad came to visit travis and me in good ol' savannah.
friday night they arrived and we went down to the city market and sat out on the patio of wild wing cafe. it was nice to see them after so long and to see my dad tell his stories. it's like a performance, really.

saturday afternoon we went down to broughton st. for some shopping. you can't get away from tim tim and his manic shopping excursions! even if it's pouring down rain. HA! i was soaked to the bone and freezing by the end of the trip. i saw a lot of stores i had never even noticed before. NOT TO MENTION!!! i got some awesome thrifting deals like, a $2 paul frank belt, a striped hoodie, and two shirts.

sunday we went back downtown and hung out at oktoberfest.
mom and i shared call-a-cabs. we walked around and looked at the little touristy shops i had never been in before. it was a fun time.

overall, i really needed to see my parents. they keep me grounded when i kind of forget who i am. i'm glad i have them around to be my support system. just next time dad and i should at least take ONE picture together. haha

in the meantime i am trying to stick to their advice, but at times it is proving to be very difficult.


Maureen said...

LOVE the TT&G post! they are so cute! and so are you & Travis--(except for the fag in your hand) Were they on a boat in that first pic--they are looking very windswept!

anyhoo, great pics & post--thanks for putting it up so I can see all of your lil smiling faces! :)

KATIE! said...

nope, no boat. it was just nice and windy down on river st. good thing too, it kept us cool.

aren't they cute?

and i knew you were going to comment on the fag. haha

Maureen said...

heehaw, I knew you would know I would of course comment on that!!

Tim Ferris said...

Katie, you're so right--we do need to get into the same frame from time to time. Watch your email--I'm going to send out your tortoise and hare sketch from a few years ago--it just turned up again, after I hid it on myself for about two years.

KATIE! said...

we do, i think the only picture i have of us (that i like) is from freshman year!

i'll check my e-mail for that masterpiece in a second.

Tim Ferris said...

I see you have a new picture, sassy girl. What's happening that's bloggable? Mom's new little IBM X60 laptop with the X6 mini-dock is awesome, up around these parts. Now, all we need to do is replace that Canon camera that got boosted about this time last year. Did you find that little Canon you won't be using any more?

KATIE! said...

hey dad,
yeah i found the camera while i was cleaning up my room. want me to mail it to you so you can get it refurbished? i'll put that on my to do list for this coming week.

Tim Ferris said...

yes, please--